2014 DeRC Registration

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Monday, September 22

 ALADIN – ALpe Adria Danube universities INitiative & Living Lab Heads Meeting Development Agency Directors‘ Meeting Women eco-nomy within the Danube Region Conference Opening Plenary session I Alpine region Development Plenary session II: Danube region on the Crossroads of the New silk & New amber Roads Plenary session III University Rectors collaborating in the Cross-border eRegions RECEPTION AND DINNER HOSTED BY SAP SLOVENIJA & PARTNERS

Tuesday, September 23

 eOpening Up Education & Healthy Workplaces eHealth Interoperability in the Danube eRegion Interoperability of Short Local Food eProcurement Chains University Deans Supporting the Cross-border eCollaboration EU Programme Horizon 2020: Coordinated Actions in the TransRegional Co-operation Mayors of the eMunicipalities Without Borders Involved in the eCollaboration Development Cloud Computing Interconnecting the eRegions Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linked - STORK: The European eID Interoperability Platform for the Cross-border User Authentication LUNCH BREAK HOSTED BY SAP SLOVENIA&PARTNERS Chambers of Commerce Supporting the eRegions Interoperability The medias´ role in regional development: Added value of cross- border collaborations of media in the Danube Region Prototype Proposals – Prototype Initiative Prototype Proposals – Prototype Outline

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